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Tanisha Lahiri

Tanisha loves making art. Her dedication and focus towards art making can be seen and enjoyed in her works. She loves to explore nature in her drawings and paintings, which mostly comprise of flowers and animals or both. Her stippling technique with dots and also her use of fine lines to create patterns that form environments are delicate and beautiful. She is a born artist.

Letters PracticesHeartColoursElements of ArtBeesFishesStarsWarli Practice 2Warli Practice 1Cat 2Cat 1Warli DrawingKite - 2Kite - 1Butterfly - 2FishKite And HouseButterfly - 1Sketch-1PatternsGrapes & BeeButterflyFishParrots - 2Parrots-1CirclePeacockMy HouseSpirals3D HandFlowersLetter 'A' PracticeStrokes PracticeWavesWavesColour RectanglesA B C PracticeFruitsPineapple StrawberryGreen landRiver MountainTree, LeavesSecondary Colours (Yellow + Blue)Secondary Colours (Yellow + Red)ButterflyFlower 2Element of Art Primary ColoursFishCarsRoboElements of Art ShapesTaj MahalBellsBoatElements Of Art (Lines)Design - 3Design - 2Design 1Yellow HouseDolphinTiyuAppleFlowerHouse1Strawberry CakePattern PracticeLines practice 3Lines Practice 2Pig,Butterfly
  • Outsider Art : An Exhibition of Paintings by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Eye Contact : An insight into Autism
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