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At CCFL we believe in developing a strong rapport with the guardian of the student, thus ensuring positive results, so that we can work together in achieving the goals faster.

We have a very dedicated staff with strong commitment. We strongly believe that a sustained efforts always brings success in life. In pursuit to build on the intrinsic artistic, musical, sports and computer skills we have structured program in this field.



Computer Skills

This program involves assessing the competency of the student. Depending on their level, need based lessons are planned. After the student reaches a certain level in computer skills, we also start teaching them computer programming. Additionally we use iPad as a tool to enhance their skills.


Music is a very soothing and rejuvenating activity for all of us. We believe that teaching music can add a harmonious dimension to the individuals life We offer vocal singing. Efforts are made to make it a joyful and interesting activity for the students.



Art is an activity which can open up creative vistas for the individual. We encourage different art & craft activities to open up their creative dimensions and add to the growth of the individual.



Dance is a fun activity which helps individuals open up and enjoy themselves. At the same time, it also helps autistic individuals learn balance and coordination.



Students engage in sporting activities everyday at the centre – including Cricket, Cycling, Basketball, etc. The physical aspect of sports helps them develop strength and playing in teams teaches the students to adapt with group dynamics.


Activity Time

Activity Time is specially planned on a daily basis to enhance the individuals communication. Different resources are used to expand their thinking and creative skills such as Lego Therapy, puzzles and other spatial exercises.



Yoga is practiced in a simple manner to integrate the students physical and mental abilities.

Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy is a combination of simple physical movements, which can be done by anyone in a conscious manner. It helps in emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual.

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